A night at the Opera

Building on my mitigated attempts at meeting people from the previous night, I prepared myself for a famous party that takes place near the Opera. I already know the place and had some good nights here before. Still, I consider it a difficult field to game girls.

The place is classy, so most of the girls are. However, it’s your usual mixed crowd of girls with a few poorly dressed specimens wearing flip-flops and dirty sneackers. It should be noted that those are usually not the most receptive to cold opening by strangers like me.

People usually come in small groups of two to four. Of course, girls are never found alone. These small islands can be difficult to tackle and people’s attitude is usually cold early in the evening. The better condition is when the place is very crowded. Infiltrating groups then becomes really easy.

The evening has two important moments. Drinking outside while waiting for the dancefloor to open, between 22 and midnight, then dancing. The mood changes when transitioning to nightclub mode and so does the attitude of people. My guess is that drinking also has something to do with it…

I did much better than at the River’s King. Said hi to my friend at the entrance, then started talking to a lone guy while waiting in the line to order my beer. Every place I go out, there’s always that one weird individual. Dressed casual or classy style, open and friendly but lacking proper body language and bringing your energy levels down with boring topics like their job or the new constructions in their neighborhoods. Don’t nurture the conversation ! You’ve been warned. I escaped from the danger zone as soon as I had my drink at hand.

Overall, I managed to make an acceptable impression that night. Moving from one set of girls to the other without staying too long each time. Some came back later to ask me for directions, a sign that I looked comfortable here.

I had a good interaction with two sisters in particular, 20 and 22 years old, both very cute. My game was starting to produce its effects on the older one as she was showing signs of interest but time was running short. I had to go home with the last subway. I didn’t feel like taking her phone number maybe because I didn’t have time to properly game her. She was watching over her sister, who was constantly distracting her.

I also stumbled during the night on a sexy vietnamese girl who was standing there, staring at the dancefloor with an absent gaze. She was nice, but I could only understand part of what she was saying under the loud music. I tried to move her without much success and decided to leaved her to her reveries.

In the end, nothing but a positive night.